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         (Medical / dental checkup area)

Was lucky enough to join another outreach activity help an Agta Community in Nagtipunan, Quirino Province.

Kudos to MESAU and ACES for organizing this activity. 

Many thanks to Doctors, dentists & nurses from Ugnayan ng Pahinungod Manila for volunteering their services

Happy to know that there are still people who are willing to help by giving time, utilizing their skills and sharing what they have to those in need.

The excitement in their eyes as they happily queue to get a pair of slippers is priceless.  The ready smile on their faces whether you take their photo or they photobomb as you take a selfie will make you want to take more pictures. The kids eagerness to hold your hand and play will bring out the kid in you.  They patiently waited for their turn to get a medical or dental checkup. 

And as the program ended, a lady approached us looking for some volunteers, we thought they need checkup or something... Then we found out that they want to give a little something to the volunteer... How heartwarming to know that with the little that they have, they are still able to give...

Happy to be part of this activity... Thanks Geapot for inviting me..

Thanks MESAU for adopting me. :)

Thanks AOC EPALS for your support. 

Credits to Jon for the beautiful photos (watermarked)
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left at the altar

As I was browsing FB, I checked a friends profile, someone whom I thought got married last month, I wanted to check the wedding photos but was so surprised to realize that the wedding was called of by the guy.  That was when I back read the posting on her  FB wall and saw some blog entries about what had happened.  I was moved to tears... :(

Remembering the SatC movie where Big did not show up on their wedding day.  Carrie was devastated.  Thankfully though  her dear friends were there for her to 'atleast' be her company on their supposed honeymoon.  It breaks my heart to know that it happened in real life to someone whose close to my heart.  I may not be there for her but I felt her pain.  I was thinking 'what a jerk the guy was' but then I realized (I haven't met him), what right do I have to judge him, when the person whom he left was able to 'think' and still able to consider forgiveness.

I know it is too soon for her to totally forgive him and forget what had happened, but I am just happy to know that she has accepted it and is living her life again... I know in His perfect timing the right person will be there for her.   In time she will be able to move forward with the strength that helped her to continue to smile at the world.  I know she is blessed with a very loving family, supportive friends and a very loyal God.

This made me think about how things are really unpredictable. A proposal doesn't always mean a happy ever after, nor a happy birthday would mean another sunshine for you.  Life's surprises are varied and it's not up to us.

Bottom line is to seize the moment. Live life as if it is our last and continue praying for his guidance. :)
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On steps

In our life journey, we always have a choice, to step back, or move forward...

**naghalungkat ng picture sa baul at nakita ko ang KK adventure pic na to, perstaym ko maki-join sa pakontes, para makikigulo lang. pampadami ba! haha! para na din suportahan ang sikat kong hauzmate. :) 
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remembering Gay

Bilis talaga ng panahon, akalain mong isang taon na nung nag plano kami ng surprise party para kay Gay. Dalawang buwan pa lang kaming house mates nun pero close na kami kumbaga... dahil nagkakasundo kami sa mga kung anu-anong bagay, from kakikayan gang sa kung anu-anong drama sa buhay.

So ayun nga, naisipan namin ng mga ka-bibo na bigyan sya ng surprise party... maganda ang intention, ngunit mejo sumablay dahil ang pagpaplano namin sa egroups ay nababasa nya pala! hahaha! nalimutan ni Mr.Moderator na 2 email add pala ni girl ang naka-add sa group.. so how? buking already! so since expected nya na yung party, ang ginawa namin nagpa advance party pa kami.. para totoong ma surpresa na sya! nagluluto ako sa kitchen ng me karamihang putahe, naalala ko sbi nya pa 'Girl, ang dami naman nyan, me bisita ka?' sabi ko 'wala, paluto lang to ni tereh me party sa kanila' feeling ko hindi sya convinced pero hinayaan ko na lang. Tapos tumambay sya sa sala para manood ng TV, sabi ni Ge, 'Girl, late na matulog kana..' hahahaha! nagtaka daw sya pro sumunod na lang din at pumasok na sa room. Eh pano naman nasa baba na yung mga bisita. pagpasok nya ng room kinontak namin at nag-ayos agad.. tapos eto na ang mga sumunod na pangyayari.. :)

Successful naman kami sa panunurpresa sa kanya... hihihi! at syempre lafang galore after nyan. :)

Then the next day ay me round 2 ang party.. yung nabuking na surprise. Just the same nag enjoy naman ang mga tao. :)

Everything then was all about fun and surprises, we never expected that it would be her last birthday celebration... :(

It's really sad that she passed away last January, leaving loved ones in sadness for the loss of a truly wonderful person. But life's like that, it takes sudden twists, sudden turns... but what's important is that we believe that Gay really lived a full life!

This is Mi remembering you
Us missing you...
Happy birthday Gay!
We love you.
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The Miracle Prayer

There is no proper format or style in praying, we talk to our God in our way. Sometimes, we cannot articulate what we really want to say... when that happens, written prayers are very helpful. I am sharing this prayer to you. It is from the prayer book Straight from the Heart..

The Miracle Prayer

Lord Jesus,
I come before you, just as I am.
I am sorry for my sins,
I repent of my sins,
please forgive me.
In your name, I forgive all others
for what they have done against me.
I renounce Satan, the evil spirits and all their works.
I give you my entire self.
Lord Jesus, now and forever,
I invite you in my life.
Jesus, I accept you as my Lord,
God and Savior.
Heal me, change me, strengthen me
in body, soul and spirit.

(Close your eyes and speak to God. Ask for a miracle.)

Come, Lord Jesus,
cover me with your precious blood,
and fill me with your holy spirit,
I love you, Lord Jesus.
I praise you, Jesus.
I thank you, Jesus.
I shall follow you every day of my life.

Mary, my mother, Queen of Peace,
Saint Peregrine, the cancer saint,
and all you angels and saints,
please help me.

(Say this prayer faithfully, no matter how you feel, when you come to the point that you sincerely mean each word, with all your heart, something good spiritually will happen to you. You will experience Jesus, and he will change your whole life in a very special way. You will see)

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